Hi, I'm Sue Gillan, the "SG" in The SG Collective.  I started The SG Collective based on two core beliefs:   


1. Talent is everything

 2. Knowing how to attract, grow and keep the best talent is everything else


I've spent the past fifteen years leading teams in three distinctly different, yet complimentary industries:  Improv Comedy,  Executive Talent Development and Advertising.  The result: The SG Collective. The Collective offers both Talent Development (Your Talent) and Creative Services (Our Talent), and is made up of the best and brightest creative thinkers and solution development experts from the entertainment, marketing and corporate worlds. I've keynoted on topics like "Improv and Creativity" and "The Foundations of Innovation" for NYC's AdWeek, Fast Company's Innovation Summit, The ANA and the One Show.

Why is improv relevant?  Because it's not about being funny, it's about being brave; brave enough to support the ideas of others, take risks, fail fast, and move on to the next iteration quickly - skills that are key to innovation and creative evolution.  Improv relies on true collaboration and the unique contributions of each team member.  The result?  An environment where people are seen, heard and included. The kind of environment where the best talent wants to come and stay. And that's great news for your business.

Successful leaders now understand that "soft skills" reap hard results. Collaboration and leadership are the firm bedrock for innovation, inclusion, productivity, and talent retention. Sound like a bunch of BS?  If you answered "no", give us a call.



Your Talent

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Our Talent

                                                    CREATIVE SERVICES


Sue is one of a very rare breed that can do as well as she teaches and teach as well as she does. She has a direct-line understanding and command of comedy, comedy writing, comedy timing – but her insights and approach to bringing out the best in people goes way deeper than just comedy. If I were a young person today, looking for somebody to help me make the most of whatever God given talent I had, I would feel so incredibly lucky to be able to work with Sue and consider her my mentor.  Write, perform, direct, teach, mentor, build, and cheerlead – Sue does it all with the strength and energy of a super hero- Tom O'Keefe Founder/CEO OKRP

Sue's team put a lot of effort into finding out what our true needs were and created a tailored training that best fit our team. The session contained a number of different exercises that gave new perspective. Humour was the main connector throughout the training and made everybody relax open to learn.  - Anne Halvorsen, VP Branding & Communication, HARTMANN GROUP


Sue is extremely adept a getting the most out of a writers room and knows how to lead the creative process. A wonderful collaborator who truly lives the "Yes, And" philosophy. She has a gift in treading the path between the art and the client with her innate understanding of what the project requires and how to get the best final product. Sue is the swiss army knife of comedy production. - Andrew Alexander, CEO, The Second City

We hired The SG Collective to sharpen our creative team's pitch and presentation skills. What sets The SG Collective apart is the way they make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin in order to hone their authentic voice. That's the magic. They focus on what's powerful for each, individual person versus manufactured, blanket training skills. The feedback we received from participants was, across-the-board, extremely positive and impactful. It's rare that teams ask for more training. Always a great sign! - Karyn Rockwell, CEO, FCB New York